Affiliated Clubs

Alumni of Dartmouth and the University of Virginia as well as members of the DKE Fraternity are eligible for membership with the Yale Club of New York City through their respective Membership Offices. More information and contact information is provided below.

In Residence at The Yale Club of New York City:

University of Virginia 
DKE Fraternity

Dress Code at The Yale Club

Traditional business attire (jackets and neckties for men, equally appropriate attire for women) is always welcome. 

Business casual dress, as defined below, is required in all public rooms except for the athletic facilities at all times.

Business casual dress for men:
Collared shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters; dress slacks, khakis or corduroy trousers; and socks.

Business casual dress for women:
Collared shirts; blouses, turtlenecks or sweaters; and skirts or tailored pants.

Denim that is neat, clean, and in good repair is acceptable in the Library and in the Grill Room at all times. Denim is also acceptable in the Roof Dining Room at all times throughout the summer. All other above restrictions apply. 

Not Permitted:
Shorts, tee shirts, casual sandals, athletic wear of any kind (including footwear and caps), and torn, provocative or revealing clothing.