The Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of New York

In residency at The Yale Club of New York City
(212) 716-2144

Whether meeting at the Main Bar or one of its three restaurants you will find the atmosphere to be appealing and more like a home away from home. You will find yourself participating in all of the social functions being held at the Club. You and your guests will also enjoy the various social functions held by the DKE Club throughout the year at the Clubhouse.

The DKE Club of New York has been in residence since 1932 and still enjoys a distinctive relationship which offers membership into the Yale Club that boasts a swimming pool and houses three international squash courts, treadmills, and more. It also offers services of personal trainers for squash and swimming. Massage services are also available through the Pro Shop. There are 136 guest rooms for family and friends of DKE Club members. Membership through the Yale Club offers DKE Club members a variety of memberships, which include Legacy, Family, summer and Grad Student.

Reciprocal Clubs abound. There are over 80 clubs within 20 states of the United States and 15 major countries worldwide. Members are eligible to avail themselves of this unique opportunity to travel and use the facilities of these clubs.

Wish to have a tour of this historical clubhouse – please call or email us here and schedule a visit.

Questions? Email or call RoseMary Rudden at 
or (212) 716-2144.

Join the “Jolly Good Fellows” here at the Yale Club of New York