Virginia Club of new york Application

Personal Information
If applying as a Graduate Student, please email proof of enrollment to to proceed with your application.
School Information

Please list all colleges and universities from which you have received a degree.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Information

Please fill in your spouse/domestic partner’s information if you would like them to have signing privileges. There is a $195 annual charge plus tax (March 1 – February 28) for the signing privilege. This fee is not prorated. This signing privilege allows your spouse/domestic partner to get their own account number and use the Club without the primary member being present. Only one signing privilege account is allowed per primary account.

*Please Note: Graduate Students are not eligible for spouse/domestic partner signing privileges.

I would like signing privileges for my spouse/domestic partner. I will be responsible for all charges incurred by person authorized to sign.

Athletic Package Information
Sign here if you would like to add the Athletic Package to your membership. The Athletic Package is $140 quarterly ($35 for 2019 undergraduates, $70 for 2018 undergraduates, and $105 for 2017 undergrad graduates). You must opt-into the Athletic Package in order to have it. Please note the athletic package is subject to tax.

Clubhouse Membership is available to all Virginia degree holders, faculty, and full-time graduate students. Graduate students must submit verification, either a copy of one’s course schedule or most recent tuition statement, with application. PDF format is preferable.

We ask that you allow one week for processing.