The Yale Club has implemented a new card access system for all members that launched September 26, 2016. Because this is a very important change, we want to explain why it happened, how it will impact you and your guests, and what you need to do to ensure a seamless transition.

Why a New Card Access System 

Our new system will provide immediate and easy access into the Club, and also help us better serve your needs by more precisely monitoring usage and traffic. Just as important, we are committed to ensuring a secure environment, and believe the new system will provide an improved level of safety.

If You Received Your New Card in the Mail 

Members in good standing who have submitted photos have received new plastic membership cards in the mail. We request that members be prepared to scan their cards at the new security desk before proceeding to their destination.     

If You Did Not Receive Your Card in the Mail

Please follow these three simple steps before your next visit to the Club to ensure that your card is activated and available for pickup next time you visit.

1.     Submit a photo – Please email a headshot of yourself to at your earliest convenience.

2.     Make sure that you are in good standing – For an update on your Club status or to resolve any outstanding charges, please log in to your account or call us at 212.716.2116. 

3.     Provide updated contact information – You can update your contact information here or by calling us at 212.716.2131.

Club Access for Spouses/Domestic Partners

Club members have the option of adding a significant other to their primary membership account. After submitting updated contact information and photos, your partner will receive their own membership card and have unlimited access to the Club. The partner account is billed annually to the primary account at the rate of $175 plus tax. To complete the spousal or domestic partner membership application, please click here.

Club Access for Family & Friends

Friends and family who wish to use the Club will continue to be required to be in the company of a member. However, you can obtain guest passes for friends and family (age 21+), giving them full access to the Club’s facilities for a period of up to two weeks per quarter. Children under the age of 21 must always be accompanied by a member or approved chaperone. 

For more information about guest passes, please contact the Front Desk at 212.716.2150 or

For more information about chaperones, please contact Charlie Johnson at 212.201.4232 or

Meeting Guests at the Club

Members may continue to meet guests at the Club. All guests will be required to check in at the Security Desk and they may wait in the lobby until the member arrives. Members may call ahead to make arrangements with Security at 646.218.1080.

Hosting Events at the Club

The Club is still available for your next event, and we would be happy to discuss options and logistics with you at your earliest convenience. Please contact Private Events at or by calling 212.716.2122.

More Questions About the New Card?

Please reference the list of Frequently Asked Questions and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.